Do you need a Customer Data Platform?
Customer behaviour
Do you need a Customer Data Platform?
11 January 2023 2 minutes
Meet the author Stuart Ormiston is technologist with a background in Computer Science and Information systems. For his entire career, he has been supporting customers in enhancing their businesses using technology solutions like MAP, CRM and CDP . He is interested in CX, data, artificial intelligence, and crypto....
How can we see it coming?
Consumer Sentiment
How can we see it coming?
19 May 2022 3 minutes
3 lessons learned to improve your forecast accuracy on disrupting events Recently a lot of disruptive events, like the pandemic, have occurred which many of us, myself included, didn’t see coming. The cost of doing business shows a strong increase driven by the higher energy - and raw material -prices. Despite their advanced business intelligence, many businesses weren’t prepared, and are now facing unexpected challenges to overcome. Instead of asking ourselves “Why didn’t we see it coming?”, I would like us to challenge ourselves with the question of “How can we see it coming?”....
4 Common Misconceptions and Solutions for Data-Driven Marketing
Data & analysis
4 Common Misconceptions and Solutions for Data-Driven Marketing
16 November 2021 4 minutes
Marketers today have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. We can know where our leads come from, what they’re interested in and what influences their buying process. However, quantity does not always equal quality. With how marketing campaigns have become so reliant upon data-driven strategies, we wanted to offer some tips and tricks for data-driven marketing based on our experience....

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