Customer-centric business.

Customer-centric business. Customer-centric business.

Customers expect companies to know and understand them, and to deliver what they need. How well do you know your customers? And are you able to offer them an integrated, flexible customer experience from start to finish?

During this session we look at the challenges that organisations face because of the changing purchasing process. We examine the steps needed to adjust your marketing strategy so you can provide a better customer experience. Best of all, we show inspiring practical examples of organisations that used buyer persona research in order to create campaigns that maximised their digital transformation.

You’ll learn:
  • That a solid foundation is necessary to build a customer-centric organisation
  • Why buyer personas are essential to add value during the purchasing process
  • How marketing technology can help you attract and retain loyal customers
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About the speaker

Roland de Wit is a marketing and sales professional with more than 20 years’ experience in improving commercial results for various companies in diverse sectors. His focus is on generating more leads and converting these leads into better deals.


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