From Tradeshows to Trading – Marketing the Human Way

From Tradeshows to Trading – Marketing the Human Way From Tradeshows to Trading – Marketing the Human Way

There’s no substitute for direct, human, one-to-one conversations. Email marketing, marketing automation and an inordinate amount of personalisation will never be the same as talking to someone sincerely – that’s why we go to tradeshows and employ sales teams. Despite this, many companies today still struggle to turn those interactions into valuable leads and customers. This webinar will show you how.

At engagement factory, we believe that marketing as most companies know it is quickly going the way of the digital dinosaurs of the advertising era. We believe that engagement, not traditional marketing, is the true source of success in attracting and keeping customers – it’s in our name, after all.

Tradeshows are often a missed opportunity, and reflect your entire marketing approach in the most authentic way possible – in person. Getting your marketing and sales approach prepared and ready for a networking event like a tradeshow will set the tone for how those leads and prospects view your company and brand in the future.

That’s why we recently hosted a webinar in cooperation with Adobe, one of the largest digital providers in the world, to tackle this very issue in the context of marketing at a tradeshow. By taking a look at some of the best strategies you can employ for the next tradeshow, you’ll learn more about engaging leads than ever before in a practical, scalable and adaptable way that you can introduce to your entire marketing approach.

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You’ll learn:
  • A new way to market
  • How to stand out at a tradeshow
  • How to get lasting value out of a tradeshow 
  • How to transform attendees into customers
  • How to get noticed in a world saturated with communication

So, what are you waiting for? Download the presentation and watch the webinar today, and never waste another tradeshow opportunity ever again.

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About the speaker

Kate Doyle Is an expert in identifying and leading marketing strategies that drive lead generation and customer acquisition, with clear and concise communications creating best in class brand and positioning. Recent results show 165% increase in inbound sales revenue and a consistent 15% month-on-month boost in sales qualified leads since January 2018.

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