Marketing Automation in Southern Africa – a software or strategy?

Marketing Automation in Southern Africa – a software or strategy? Marketing Automation in Southern Africa – a software or strategy?

Marketing Automation in Southern Africa- a software or strategy?

It’s 2020, investment in marketing automation technology has nearly doubled since Engagement Factory in Southern Africa opened its doors in 2012. Adoption of automation technology is increasing at an alarming rate.

Marketing Automation isn’t a thing of the future – it’s very much a part of the here and now – and we have been supporting our local and global clients approach their marketing plan with a strategic mindset.

Like most technology, marketing automation is constantly evolving. Stuart Ormiston, Chief Technology Director of Engagement Factory, Cape Town has over 10 years marketing automation experience. “As the only partner in Southern Africa with certifications in Marketo, Eloqua and other well- known automation suites, we believe that you can only really unleash the power of the technology if you understand your strategic intent in how you will put the technology to use. It’s no secret that time is a valuable resource. Powerful automation software helps mechanize marketing processes and when leveraged successfully, helps drive transactions and generate more revenue.”

By partnering with Engagement Factory, our personal clients have seen results such as:

  • 900% increase on engagement rates above regular social media pages
  • 30% increase on engagement rates on campaigns
  • 500% increase on click-through-rates
  • Substantial boosts in ROI
  • Increases in turnover (as high at 29%)

The beauty of marketing automation is that it can help your business maximize on efforts that have already proven successful. Attracting new audiences through the use of effective marketing strategies is step one, but if you want to do more to nurture those people so that they become customers, marketing automation is a good bet. It allows you the ability to engage customers and prospects through highly relevant content, that in turn, converts them into loyal customers.

By streamlining this process, you’re able to build personalized, one-to-one connections with a seemingly endless number of prospects, at scale. It’s time to embrace the new decade with the right tools and strategy that will set your business up for sustained success, so you will be more likely to see the sale results and ROI you want.

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