Graduates and Businesses are at an impasse.

In today’s competitive business environment, there’s no room for entry-level positions with no or limited experience. Many talented graduates are left scrambling for work in careers that leave no room for learning or error on the job.

Engagement Factory’s All-Star program solves the long-standing dilemma of experience-required entry-level jobs. By offering graduates a chance to learn with data, marketing technology, sales, and account management with leading global brands, they gain certified, practical experience before launching their career. Meanwhile, businesses gain access to a pool of talented and experienced individuals who they can trust to excel within their organization.



We are trusted by leading global brands.


Engagement Factory's All-Star Program is a 6-month full-time program, with hands-on training from our field experts, as they work directly with clients.

During the All-Star Program, selected graduates will be able to enhance their technical skills and business acumen by attending various technical classes. They will also be awarded with several valuable certificates in their particular fields.

By working with clients, they will gain a practical understanding of modern marketing and technology, and knowing how it applies to businesses today. Selected graduates will also get a lot of guidance in developing their soft skills, through a holistic approach to development.

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