Yes, Sales and Marketing perform better when they feed each other.

Yes, Sales and Marketing perform better when they feed each other. Yes, Sales and Marketing perform better when they feed each other.

Today’s sophisticated customers – both in the B2B and B2C space – are more demanding than ever to please and convert. In addition, these customers are better informed, increasingly sceptical, always online and just a click away from your competitor. Above all, expecting exceptional buying experiences. That are personalised, valuable, and pertinent to where they are at in life.

Such experiences are truly engaging and resonate with the individual. They include communication that is thoughtfully relevant to the buyer’s knowledge needs. Interactions that take into account the buyer’s exact position in the funnel. Touchpoint moments that are so empathetic, they’re even in tune with the customer’s current state of mind.

Therefore Spot-on appropriateness of this level is possible to achieve. When a company’s Marketing personnel and Sales staff work together, as one. in the planning, creation and execution of customer interactions. This is the type of pinpoint relevancy that we at Engagement Factory are advocating and delivering to our clients’ customers. The result of this seamless integration of sales intel and marketing know-how is inevitably a better buying experience, which leads to an increase in sales and customer retention.

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You’ll learn:
  • Adapt to today’s more demanding and better informed B2B buyers.
  • Learn to provide what B2B buyers now expect from the buying experience.
  • Unite sales & marketing to deliver that better buying experience.
  • Use content analytics to improve marketing’s impact in the sales channel.
  • Flesh out your newly-acquired insight by learning from pertinent use-cases.
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About the speaker

Koen Bogaert is a seasoned marketing and sales enablement professional with an extensive background in building and scaling global solutions for enterprise organisations. Prior to Showpad, he worked as a Marketing Platform Manager at the Rockwool Group, building further on his experience as a pioneer in Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management and Content Management.

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