Tell a Story Before you Sell a Story.

Tell a Story Before you Sell a Story. Tell a Story Before you Sell a Story.

The rivalry between sales and marketing teams is as old as cats and dogs – except cats and dogs agree on more topics. The truth is, both need each other to perform well. Both perform an important, co-dependent service to the company they work for, and they succeed, or fail, together.

In other words, you need to tell a story before you can sell a story. This webinar will show you how.

Sometimes, and for some companies, the antics and arguments that go on between a sales and marketing team could fill an entire season of Game of Thrones. There is simply too much drama, conflicting objectives and an almost completely different dialect between two departments that should really be working for the benefit of their shared company.

Getting your sales and marketing teams on the same page, despite them reading from different playbooks, should be a primary objective for companies around the world. If your leads are hearing one style of communication from one department, and another from the other, they will be confused, less likely to convert and be chalked up as just another lost opportunity.

That’s why we recently hosted a webinar in cooperation with Marketo, one of the leading marketing automation providers in the world, to answer the age-old question: How can we align sales and marketing? By taking a look at some of the best strategies and technology to help keep your departments aligned, you’ll learn about the benefits your company will reap through alignment and inter-departmental synergy. We’ll also show you how you can easily transform your sales and marketing efforts to support the same goals that will benefit both your company and the isolated sales and marketing objectives.

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You’ll learn:
  • How to align your sales and marketing teams.
  • What’s really important for your entire company.
  • Proven methods and tactics to keep your departments on the same objective.
  • How to boost your revenue through synergy.
  • A game plan where everyone wins.

Get both your sales and marketing on the same page with their eye on the same ball. Download the presentation and watch the webinar to find out more.

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About the speaker

I’m Owen Taffinder a Partner Solutions Consultant at Adobe, specialising in Marketo. I help businesses to understand how the right technology can accelerate their growth and reshape experiences for their customers. In the context of B2B, considered purchases and pipeline marketing, this often means building true marketing and sales alignment – which is what I’ll address in this webinar.

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