Modern marketing maturity.

Ready to bump up your marketing to the next level? In this webinar we look at the steps needed to improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Demonstrating our in-house developed Modern Marketing Maturity model, we lead you through the various levels of your journey to marketing maturity. We’ve designed the model to guide organisations in their adoption of marketing automation – across all the different phases of implementing modern marketing technology. We discuss the basics of databases, demand generation, lead management and buyer personas, among other fascinating topics.

You’ll learn:

  • How an orchestrated customer experience leads to more conversion and customer engagement
  • Which steps are needed to optimise your marketing
  • Why a complete, up-to-date, integrated database is essential

About the speaker

Mark Emmett, awarded multiple awards, has a proven track record of promoting marketing innovation and delivering various strategic programs and tactical initiatives to drive growth and ROI within a variety of companies worldwide.

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