Marketing books insights.

For his ‘Marketing Book Podcast’, Douglas Burdett has read more than 160 marketing and sales books and interviewed numerous bestselling authors including Philip Kotler, Robert Cialdini and Adele Revella. We managed to catch him for an exclusive interview, in which we asked him to bare all and share in-depth insights from these books with us.

His goal is to become the best read person in Marketing and Sales. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he shares his views on topics such as buyer personas, content marketing, complex purchasing processes and the collaboration between Marketing and Sales. This interview with our own Roland de Wit is inspiration at its best!

You’ll learn:

  • About the latest insights in the field of Marketing and Sales
  • Which Marketing and Sales books you absolutely must read

About the speaker

Douglas Burdett is director/founder of Artillery LLC. His company helps manufacturers with complex sales to generate better leads. His podcast, The Marketing Book Podcast, has been named by LinkedIn as one of the ten podcasts to listen to become a better marketer. Since the start in early 2015, he has interviewed more than 160 authors.

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