Marketing and sales alignment.

Marketing and sales alignment. Marketing and sales alignment.

With an increase in Decision-Making Units and an overload of content produced by both marketers and consumers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach internal agreement and to make a purchasing decision. Therefore, to be successful in this new commercial reality and to achieve your goals, you need optimal Marketing and Sales alignment.

Discover how both departments can collaborate for maximum revenue. For example, we discuss the transfer of leads from Marketing to Sales. In addition, how this alignment results in faster profit and revenue growth. Sales acts as a guide during the purchasing process by sharing valuable insights to help customers find the best solution.

You’ll learn:
  • How changes in the purchasing process affect the relationship between Marketing and Sales
  • Why optimal collaboration is essential to be successful
  • Which steps are needed for Marketing and sales alignment
  • How marketing technology can help you make Marketing and Sales work together more efficiently and effectively
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About the speaker

Roland de Wit is a marketing and sales professional with more than 20 years’ experience in improving commercial results for various companies in diverse sectors. His focus is on generating more leads and converting these leads into better deals.

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