Make buying easy.

Make buying easy Make buying easy

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you: optimise their purchasing experience. Learn how you can help both your buyers and sellers achieve their goals in an effective and efficient way.

In this webinar, Fred Wilkinson, CEO of BPI OnDemand, discusses the factors that influence the purchasing process. He also unpacks the role of Sales in guiding your customers in their buyer’s journey. The correct mind-set, proper tools and good coordination between Marketing and Sales help you to add value for your customer. This, in turn, leads to a better customer experience and higher turnover.

You’ll learn:
  • How changing customer behaviour in the purchasing process influences your organisation
  • Why coordination between Marketing and Sales is crucial to achieving your goals
  • How to create a corporate culture in which data is used efficiently to improve the customer experience
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About the speaker

Fred Wilkinson is a proven business leader with a focus on achieving exceptional business results – from start-ups to the largest international companies. He is a true CRM guru and a specialist in achieving ROI and business improvement: from implementing international change programs to system tools and processes. He also led large-scale restructuring and projects with a huge impact on business growth, breaking through silos and innovating companies from within.

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