Content is king, context is queen.

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To make informed decisions during complex B2B purchases, buyers need illuminating content as much as they need help from colleagues, peers and sales staff. These sources all add value throughout the customer journey.

Guest speaker Christophe Bostyn from our partner, Showpad, explains how you can deliver a better B2B purchasing experience for customers. He discusses the changing sales cycle and how to ensure you have the right content available for every channel and every step of the customer journey.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Sell the way your customers want to buy
  • Improve the purchasing process with the help of intelligent sales content
  • Collect relevant statistics that demonstrate the impact of marketing on sales
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About the speaker

Christophe Bostyn: “I am a business professional, curious and results-oriented by nature. I embrace meaningful change, think in solutions and strive for structural improvement. Above all, I love interacting with people and having a positive mindset.”

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