A new way to connect Eloqua with external systems.

Your key to the perfect customer experience.

Dynamo is a complete plug-in solution that bridges the gap between Eloqua and external systems. This lets you reach your customers through multiple channels directly off your campaign canvas inside Eloqua, and conduct campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more.

The benefits of adding Dynamo to your stack.

All the benefits from Dynamo.

An integrated platform on top of the Eloqua AppCloud.

Originally we created these solutions as predefined applications which took time to develop and was often costly. Dynamo has changed this.

Dynamo is an integration platform that sits on top of the Eloqua AppCloud Framework. It allows you to add campaign feeders, actions, decisions to campaign canvas and code the specified function, or recipe. The recipe can then be reused again and again. Since Dynamo utilises the Eloqua AppCloud Framework all the heavy lifting is done already. It will ensure the secure and encrypted transfer of contact and CDO data between Eloqua and your recipe.

This means we can focus on creating the recipe without having to worry about all the other development requirements in creating CloudApp solutions.

Stuart Ormiston

Dynamo lets you target the right people, at the right time, and through the right channel by integrating Eloqua with the rest of your tech stack. It unifies the elements of your marketing channels and amplifies them across your entire communications network.

Stuart Ormiston – CTO at Engagement Factory

Learn more in our latest case study about how we have helped Spur with turning their Eloqua campaign canvas into a powerful omni-channel platform.

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Signify content marketing case

Dynamo’s features.

External embedding

Ability to embed customer related information from an external system at the time of sending the email.

Improved flexibility around purchase information data

Importing of customers who have purchased certain products without having to store all the purchase information as custom data object records in Eloqua.

Data exporting into downstream storage systems

Export marketing activity data into downstream storage systems like Azure, Amazon, Tableau and PowerBI.

Mobile marketing

Sending SMS, Push messages, and even direct mail requests.

Integration with CRM systems

Integrating with CRM systems like Veeva, SalesForce, Upsales and Pipedrive, to name a few.

Enhancement of paid advertising

Creating custom audiences in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google to enhance the targeting of their paid advertising.

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It has never been easier to develop rich, fully functional marketing apps and integrations with Eloqua. Feel free to reach out for a demo and let us show you how Eloqua and Dynamo can make your marketing dreams come true.

If you need assistance to get started with Dynamo, our experienced developers are on stand-by to support in configuring Dynamo to your best advantage.