A new way to connect Eloqua with external systems.

Dynamo is a complete plugin solution that bridges the gap between Oracle Eloqua and external systems. Now you can conduct campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. All this power becomes available directly from the campaign or program canvas with pre-made recipes.

Reaching your customers on their terms and where they are, that is what makes an excellent marketing campaign. It doesn’t just work, it excels in today’s digital environment. Now combine this with the ability to enrich and evaluate data to gain better insights into your customers and you are setup for success.

Go beyond marketing and start to engage with your customers. No need for additional tools, platforms or services, use Dynamo recipes to achieve results.

Dynamo’s core benefits:

  • One plugin solution to connect multiple external systems into one.
  • Utilises the Eloqua AppCloud Framework for secure & encrypted data transfers.
  • Use Dynamo recipes and leverage their success or configure custom recipes.
  • Use the data you need, even if that data resides in external systems.
  • Embed external content such as text, video and images into communication.
  • Enrich your customer profile automatically on multiple platforms.

Who needs Dynamo?

Are you a marketeer who wishes to orchestrate omni-channel campaigns and do you have data readily available but not in the same system to do so? When we developed Dynamo we understood the market wasn’t looking for multiple separate plugins to create all necessary platform integrations. The best option would be one plugin that connects them all.

Lets explore Dynamo canvas elements and Dynamo recipes. Once you know the basics we show you how Spur Corporation – a multinational restaurant chain – transformed their marketing using our Dynamo plugin.

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All the benefits from Dynamo.

Dynamo canvas elements.

Dynamo is an integration platform that sits on top of the Eloqua AppCloud Framework which ensures the secure and encrypted transfer of contact and CDO data between Eloqua and your system.

You gain access to 4 new canvas elements unique to Dynamo:

With actions you can manipulate data and push it to external sources1. And if you create the action and save it as a recipe2 you only have to create it once.

Decisions allow you to query on both internal and external data and receive the outcome as a logic condition that is either ‘Yes’ or ’No’.

Retrieve data from an external source and bring it into Eloqua. The feeder element allows you to fetch data using an appropriate API call and process the data3.

Fetch and display customised external content based on the Eloqua Contact or CDO Record at the time of sending for enhanced personalised emails.

1 Dynamo elements can be programmatically updated and interfaced with other sources. This requires using a code editor with NodeJS. The tool has several built-in features to make development easy, no matter if you have coding experience or not.

2 Recipes allow you to easily re-use actions within other campaign or program canvasses.

3 Processing of data includes: mapping field data to a contact or CDO record and validating.

Dynamo recipes.

Straight off the shelf integrations.
Campaign enhancer
SMS sending with LinkMobility

Orchestrate personalised two-way SMS campaigns to your customers.

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Campaign enhancer
SMS sending with Clickatell

Easily manage personalised two-way SMS campaigns to your customers.

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Campaign enhancer
Google Ads

Send contacts as custom audience lists to your ads driving better engagement.

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Campaign enhancer

Easily integrate WhatsApp into your Eloqua campaign canvas.

Extend your touchpoints!
Campaign enhancer

Going omni-channel to include custom audience lists has never been easier.

What you waiting for?
Campaign enhancer

Drive better engagement by messaging your customer on their terms.

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Sales integration
Pipedrive CRM

Align both systems; bidirectional sync on leads, contacts and opportunities.

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Sales integration

View and drive customer engagement based on sales related activity.

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Sales integration
Upsales CRM

Align both systems; bidirectional sync on leads, contacts and opportunities.

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Sales integration
Veeva CRM

Align both systems; bidirectional sync on leads, contacts and opportunities.

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Data integration
Database connector

Connect Eloqua to any database (SQL, Oracle, MongDB, Redis, etc.).

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Data integration
Marketing Activity export

Push Eloqua marketing activities to reporting & analytics solutions.

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Custom integration
Wifi Connection

Custom integrations makes location based communication easy.

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Spur’s success story.

Spur Steak Group, founded in 1967, the restaurant chain offers a warm and child-friendly environment in each of their 600+ global branches consisting of Spur Steak Ranches, Hussar Grill, John Dory’s, Roccomamas, Panarottis and Casa Bella. They are listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange, and boast a loyalty membership database of over 1.4 million members.

We implemented Dynamo for Spur and together we produced truly exceptional results for their marketing. Increasing their ROI by 1200% and achieving click through rates of more than five times the average.

They used Dynamo to create a unique and powerful omni-channel marketing presence that increased their revenue and helped them understand their customers on a deeper level with next-generation insights.

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