Programmatic marketing.

Programmatic Marketing

At Engagement Factory, we use the term “Programmatic Marketing” to describe the automation of a company’s marketing efforts that align data, processes, tools and people.

Programmatic Marketing is our way to help you maximise your existing investments under a bold vision to transform your business – not in isolation, but across every function and every process, at scale – and it’s important.

In fact, it’s the very thing that stands between you and an approach that pumps out repeatable, scalable marketing strategies that yield solid and verifiable results.

We want to show you how to conduct and take advantage of data-driven, programmatic, full-funnel marketing for your own business.

Why Programmatic Marketing and not Programmatic Advertising?

The same message doesn’t work for everyone, no matter how loud you shout it at a group. Our approach focuses on the entire digital marketing ecosystem, that is data-driven with one-to-one connections on how you turn clicks into customers. It allows you to focus on all parts of the customer journey, and align data sources to create your messaging according to what the customer needs.

The results?

More qualified leads, higher conversion rates and an improved Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

Data is powerful. Combine that with a good story, and it’s unforgettable.

Being a successful, data-driven organisation requires skilled developers and analysts. However, not everyone understands how to use data to tell a meaningful story that engages with the hearts and minds of an audience.

As marketers, we are also storytellers, and we’re responsible to bridge the gap between data and those who need to learn something from it.

Programmatic marketing is different.

It differentiates itself from Programmatic advertising because it require a new way of thinking, lets take a look:

  • Single campaign-thinking becomes an always-on mindset, so you can have a constant dialog with each customer.
  • Bringing the worlds of branding and performance together into one new vision; a single truth of the customer.
  • An isolated perspective becomes a customer-centric approach.
  • A focus on mass personalisation to creating and tailoring an individual omnichannel experience.
Jos Caelers
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The full comparison.

The landscape is changing, and with it, the approach of marketers. We are heralding in the automation and data-driven revolution of marketing. Are you ready to make the leap?

Download the comparison infographic and we will take you on the journey to prepare for the leap.