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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing practices in the world - and for good reason. It allows you to reach your customers no matter where they are, and offer them personalised, relevant marketing messages. A mobile marketing and engagement platform is an essential element to implementing modern mobile marketing strategies. Engagement Factory offers a mobile engagement platform that automates your mobile marketing for you, allowing you to appeal to your customers through SMS, in-app push messages and more.

Engagement Factory’s mobile marketing engagement platform is designed to generate and reach engaged and active users by offering an unprecedented customer experience through a multi-channel approach.

An Omni-channel Approach.

Your customers use their mobiles for a multitude of activities - your mobile marketing approach should reflect this. Our mobile engagement platform is able to send marketing messages through multiple platforms and channels, including SMS, in-app push messages and email. Our omnichannel approach ensures that you will engage your customers and generate active users on a daily basis.

Technology Goes Mobile.

Our mobile engagement platform is able to generate a customisable, personalised customer experience. Through marketing automation and automated mobile marketing, we can generate engagement reliably and effectively. With detailed behavioural targeting, analytical insights and location-based push notifications Engagement Factory has the latest in customer engagement strategy and technology for the mobile market.

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