Commercial enablement.

Commercial Enablement

Commercial enablement; enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your commercial organisation. An increasingly convoluted buying process, due to vast amounts of invaluable content and the growing number of stakeholders involved, further complicates the commercial process.

Organisations continuously face new challenges as their customers’ demands and expectations grow. Consequently, Sales must guide the customer on their journey, helping them to easily navigate to the best solution, by sharing relevant information throughout the buying cycle.

Therefore, to deliver everything your prospects could possibly need and still achieve commercial and business objectives, close collaboration with Marketing is essential. This basically means working together to gain insights on your markets, accounts and contacts. Furthermore, using these to create valuable, relevant content for all personas and each stage of the buying process. Finally, with Marketing and Sales cleverly aligned, you can deliver the optimal customer experience!


Commercial Enablement leverages resources such as, methodologies, skills, tools, and content, to enhance your sales process, making it more efficient and effective.


Empowering Sales with intelligent content, based on valuable insight, enables them to assist clients throughout their buyer journey. Guided buying increases sales and drives revenue, furthermore it builds trust and confidence in your brand. Time for Marketing and Sales to team up!


Increasingly complex buyer journeys and clients setting higher demands on businesses, make the commercial process more difficult. Basically, with 60% of opportunities ending up with NO decision, the status quo is your biggest competitor. Let’s beat it!

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Our approach.

A carefully crafted story allows Sales to inspire buyers to change and beat the status quo. To properly deliver this story, our approach combines training, workshops and inspirational sessions to empower employees with skills. Lastly, support tools* and optimised processes enable Sales with valuable insights and content for guided buying. Using our business enablement approach, we can help you find the perfect solution and get it to work quickly.

First, we use our Commercial enablement maturity survey, to gain valuable insight into your current commercial position and provide the starting point for our work.

Finally, time for action! We tailor our approach to the specific industry, unique organisational needs and biggest potential wins. Together we prioritise your challenges and prepare to tackle one at a time. Taking into account your modern marketing approach, we start to shape up your commercial strategy following the three pillars: story, skills and support. So simple!

*Tools we use ourselves and would advise: Eloqua Profiler and Engage / Showpad / LinkedIn SalesNavigator

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Get inspired to build the ultimate commercial engine.

Success within this new commercial reality, of large decision-making units and high volumes of irrelevant content, demands fresh, innovative teamwork between Sales and Marketing. Additionally, the correct technology can facilitate and accelerate your teams to achieve higher efficiency. Commercial enablement creates a single vision, leading to synchronised teams able to truly optimise the customer experience.


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There is no time like the present. Let’s go!

Commercial Enablement is a journey, NOT a destination! Constantly fueled by new developments and technology, there’s always room for improvement. Basically, the sooner you begin, the quicker you see the benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

Step 1 – Complete our short survey.

Designed to show the maturity of your commercial enablement, our survey measures your performance against three key elements: story, skills and support. Next, we analyse the results and deep dive into the subject matter.

Step 2 – Create a plan of action.

Select priorities to ensure focus and reduce scope of work! Choose the most relevant areas and rank them according to their value. What are the benefits and how quickly can they be achieved? Remember, always check the correct resources are in place and included in the project plan.

Step 3 – Make it happen.

Our goal is to make sales enablement work for you and, of course, to achieve astonishing results. Whether it’s getting buy-in from management, driving adoption, or simply sharing our insights and best practices, we can help and we love a challenge!