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The days of sending out thousands of emails in the hopes that a few will bite are over. Spam filters, unsubscribes and stringent regulations are all important considerations - but that doesn’t mean you can’t get customers from the inbox. Engagement Factory is an expert at email marketing and attracts and engages your customers based on their interests and the value they bring to your company. We work with you to create a unique voice amongst the static and stand out in the inbox based on market research, analytics, and best practices.

Success with email marketing means understanding what drives your customers and the value you bring to them as a company. You need to speak to your customer’s pain points while positioning your business as the solution to those pain points in a medium limited to minimal text and images. Let us guide you to finding success beyond the inbox.

Unique emails for unique customers

We understand that every business is different, and each business deals with a multitude of customers with their own interests, goals, and fears. It’s up to you to address these - but how can you tailor each email for hundreds of recipients? Engagement Factory has you covered. With our detailed analytics, market research, and automation technology, we’re able to create unique experiences for your customers with the most effective email marketing campaigns. Our methods give your business the best chance at success in the inbox and beyond it.

Data-driven Email Marketing.

What works best for your customers? What words should you use? What do your customers want to hear from you? All of these questions and more can be answered accurately through the right approach to data and analytics. Our engagement experts offer the best approaches to creating emails that statistically have a high success rate - we can prove it, mathematically!


Email Campaigns Email Campaigns
Generate success from your inbox

It's time to use the most effective tool any digital marketer can have. Our email marketing session has all the information, education, and insights you need to boost your open rates, click-through rates, and success rate.

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