Rev up the revenue; intelligently nurture new prospects.

20th November 2019 – 10am GMT


Are we on the same page? Or are we reading different books?

Though they have the same objective, sales and marketing teams rarely use the same language, tactics and rulebooks to achieve it. If you want sales and marketing to work together towards the bottom line, this webinar is for you.

Whether they know it or not, too many sales and marketing teams are not supporting each other - and sometimes, they end up speaking different languages.

Conversions or leads, Return on Investment or cost of sales, nurturing or closing. Sales and marketing often strive for the same goals, but end up pulling in the complete opposite direction.

Both departments should work together the same way the components in a well-oiled machine operate: smoothly, quietly and effective in their purpose. By aligning your sales and marketing teams intelligently towards the same goal, as well as for the same purpose, you’ll unlock the synergy that can potentially take your company to the next level.

No salesman ever closed a deal without marketing and no marketer ever got paid without sales.

Get on the same page, double the rewards.

Leads and customers today will still deal with both sales and marketing teams. If the sales guy isn’t on the same page as the marketing man, the lead will feel disconnected or possibly confused.

The results of getting both sales and marketing aligned are well documented and quite convincing. Sales and marketing alignment can help your company become 67% better at closing deals, and aligning both departments can help generate 209% more revenue just from marketing (source).

The truth is, sales should support marketing, and marketing should support sales - and in this webinar, we’ll show you how.

Owen Taffinder.

I joined Adobe in November 2018, as a Solutions Consultant aligned to our key services partners (like Engagement Factory).

I’ve worked in enterprise technology for seven years, helping marketing and account teams to choose the right software to support their business goals. My role is to ensure our customers and partners understand what we do, translating technical detail into meaningful business value.

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