Stop marketing. Start engaging. Get noticed.

4th December 2019 – 10am GMT


Stop the shouting. Let’s have a conversation.

We all go to tradeshows, wind up at executive meet-ups and we all know that networking is important. So why don’t we all have a line-up of new leads and clients in our funnel after each event?

Let’s face it - tradeshows and networking events take time, effort and money. The trade-off is that you often get an audience with the relevant interest and investment to promote your product or service. However, how often do those attendees translate into revenue?

Your audience, no matter how segmented or specialised, is constantly being barraged by communications from competitors both within your industry and outside of it. With all the competition for your audience’s attention, you need to go beyond simple marketing and start engaging.

Leads and customers of today have options - whether they’re at a tradeshow or at home. With so many options and competitors, you need a new, fresh approach in order to not only gain attention from these leads, but engagement.

Relationships are not a one-way street.

Give a little, to get a lot.

If you’re not giving value to your clients, they won’t be giving any conversions back to you. That’s why engaging your prospective clients rather than marketing to them will set you apart from the competition and on the road to success with your clients.

The opportunities that trade shows and other networking events provide are not to be taken lightly. 64% of trade show attendees are not customers of the exhibitors’ companies (source), and the average trade show attendee spends 5.5 hours at these live events (source). With such statistics, it’s easy to see that networking events provide a unique lead-generating opportunity.

That’s why it’s so important that companies take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that their marketing and engagement tactics are effective on the floor and off of it.

Kate Doyle.

Results driven Head of Marketing, with experience in both start-up and corporate environments.

An expert in identifying and leading marketing strategies that drive lead generation and customer acquisition, with clear and concise communications creating best in class brand and positioning. Recent results show 165% increase in inbound sales revenue and a consistent 15% month-on-month boost in sales qualified leads since January 2018.

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