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State of the customer journey: 2020 and beyond.

In collaboration with Showpad, Marketo and Adobe.

There’s nothing new about the disconnect between Sales and Marketing; they’ve been at odds for ever. And together with our partners we want to enable you during our webinar series to make that turnaround and truly align marketing and sales in their goals.

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Why is it so important to get marketing and sales aligned? Because the more the marketplace, customer behaviour and buying patterns change, the more critical it becomes for the two forces to unite if companies are to prosper.

Your company spends countless hours building and optimising great products that solve your customers’ challenges. You work hard to ensure these products are priced right and can effectively compete with other businesses with similar offerings. Still this doesn’t guarantee your success and growth. Research tells us experiences play a critical and growing role in the purchase decision of B2B buyers.

We will provide you with hands-on practicalities – based on real life experience – ready for implementation in the entire customer journey. So you will return to work wiser and enthused to start implementing the change we are advocating.

Join the webinars, and you’ll discover how to:

  • Adapt to today’s more demanding and better informed B2B buyers.
  • Learn to provide what B2B buyers now expect from the buying experience.
  • Unite sales & marketing to deliver that better buying experience.
  • Use content analytics to improve marketing’s impact in the sales channel.
  • Flesh out your newly-acquired insight by learning from a pertinent use-cases.
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Marketing Automation: monster poster.
Align sales and marketing to create a smoother buyer experience.

Showpad will kick-off this series and explain how to drive more sales with intelligent conversations. By integrating sales insights into your marketing planning and communications development, you can engage buyers in smart conversations that are spot on.

23 October 2019 GoToWebinar
Marketo: Rev up the Revenue.
Rev up the revenue; intelligently nurture new prospects.

This session will focus on how to align marketing and sales teams to intelligently nurture new prospects. We will walk through a typical customer journey for a B2B brand, as they engage with marketing and sales teams, before selecting a marketing automation platform.

20 November 2019 GoToWebinar
Adobe: Stop marketing. Start engaging. Get noticed.
Stop marketing. Start engaging. Get noticed.

From tradeshows to VIP executive engagements, your audience is being barraged communications daily. How do you get noticed? More than getting noticed, how do you actually engage your audience’s attention? And how do you convert those attendees into revenue?

04 December 2019 GoToWebinar