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Grab a coffee and learn how to grow revenue through digital marketing.

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We are launching our Digital Marketing virtual coffee series, specialized on topics that are relevant to current- day trends. Equip yourself with the latest marketing offerings and tools from Engagement Factory at our expert-led Digital Marketing Coffee Sessions series.

The sessions are designed to enrich your marketing knowledge and help generate new ways of thinking about marketing challenges. Learn how your company can adopt techniques to marketing your products virtually. The Digital Marketing Virtual coffee sessions will enable your company to be strategic while doing more with less. Stay tuned for expert tips as we serve you the latest marketing insights from our subject matter experts in Amsterdam, London, Cape Town and Sweden.

What you can look forward to:

Sessions within this series

  • How to develop a content marketing strategy.
  • 5 steps for creating buyer personas.
  • What is an always on campaign and how to get started?
  • Tips & tricks for successful email campaigns.
  • Things to consider when developing a lead scoring model.
  • The best email campaign conversion tactics.
  • How to generate demand for your business.
  • Which KPI’s are most relevant for measuring campaign performance.

These are PRACTICAL sessions packed with powerful knowledge and we are excited to share it with you! Grab a fresh cuppa coffee and tune in.

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The sessions.

Learn how to further enable revenue growth.
Content Marketing
5 Steps for creating buyer persona’s.

Knowing what drives your customers, what they desire, what they dislike and why they’re on your website in the first place is how you nurture a relationship of engagement with them...

By Julie McLaughlin 6 min.
Content Marketing
How to develop a content marketing strategy.

When you pull it off, content marketing is the key to building up your authority. This jump-start guide is for brands that want to reinvigorate their content strategy...

By Aisling Larkin 6 min.
Concepts & Creative
Tips & tricks for successful email campaigns.

An effective email marketing strategy convert prospects into customers, and turn first time buyers into recurring customers...

By Ian Graus 6 min.
Concepts & Creative
What is an always on campaign and how to get started.

Apply these hacks to your always-on campaigns and see your conversions go up! Efforts should be made to increase the effectiveness of different digital channels through testing, review and optimization.

By James Norris 6 min.
Demand Generation strategies to amplify growth.

Maybe your demand generation strategy needs a little rocket fuel. We've come up with proven hacks to help you boost sales and collect more prospects for your business.

By Fatima Ross 6 min.
The best campaign conversion tactics.

When you start thinking about conversion rate optimization, it's tempting to fiddle around with buttons and forms and other low-in-the-funnel design elements that might make or break the sale.

By Luc Zanders 6 min.
Everything you need to know about Lead Nurturing.

Learn how lead generation fits into your inbound marketing strategy and easy ways that you can start generating leads for your company.

By Karl Vassallo 6 min.
Marketing automation as a catalyst for digital transformation.

One of the most essential digital capabilities you can invest in is marketing automation, and it plays a critical role in achieving digital transformation for your company.

By Mark Emmett 6 min.
Brand Building
The future of your online presence starts here.

Building a brand today is not the same as it was a year ago. 2020 changed everything. If your business was not online, you quickly became incapable...

By Sasha Muller 6 min.