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Once a year, Dutch health insurer, ONVZ, in cooperation with MKB-Nederland, runs a competition to find 'The Most Vital Company in the Netherlands'. The honour is not bestowed lightly. To gain insight into the vitality of organisations and the wellness of employees, various ONVZ Corporate Health Managers would take time out to visit the companies and probe staff members to fill out a paper questionnaire. Collecting this data and processing it into valuable insights used to be done manually. This consumed a lot of precious time. Moreover, ONVZ was looking for a way to provide companies insight into the status of their vitality, even beyond the annual contest. Engagement Factory developed the VSCAN for them, an online survey that can be completed anywhere, at any time.

By digitising the paper 'vitality scan' into an interactive questionnaire, ONVZ can now collect much more valuable data about their prospects and customers in less time. What’s more, the results are processed automatically, almost instantly. ONVZ's Corporate Health Managers now have more time to focus on evaluating the scores. They can devote more time to drafting proposals and preparing follow-up agreements for tailor-made insurance packages. The 'self-service survey' principle allows ONVZ to continuously generate new contacts and leads.

One of the goals was to receive as many scans as possible that are of good quality, presenting an accurate and complete view of the vitality status of a company and its people. The VSCAN also had to:

  • Provide insight: Give organisations insight into the wellness of their company.
  • Inform: Teach ONVZ customers how to get a step higher up the 'health ladder'.
  • Collect data: Allow ONVZ to collect valuable data from their prospects and customers without being intrusive.
  • Nurture: Feed the customer base with personalised, relevant content based on previously obtained insights.

With these objectives agreed upon, it was time to get going. First of all, we looked at the customer journey of the buyer persona, 'Martin' (an SME entrepreneur). We studied the motivations, questions and information sources that apply at every stage of his journey. Using this input, we created a content strategy. We identified six health issues and linked them to a set of clearly formulated questions and statements. We made sure that after completing the scan, the results would be displayed directly on the screen, and that the respondent would also receive an email with the general scores and detailed results per theme. At that stage, the user is placed in a specific lead nurture flow. To enhance workplace vitality, 'Martin' now regularly receives new, relevant tips and information based on the initial results. Of course, there is also a clear call-to-action in each email to reach out to ONVZ for support.

Developing an online survey campaign may seem a bit simplistic, but it does require a lot of thinking.

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What are the key success factors?
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Persuasive messaging strategy.

To change the behaviour of the target group (such as filling in the scan questionnaire and improving their own wellness) requires not only an understanding of human behaviour, but also the know-how to influence (un)conscious decision-making. We deployed a variety of persuasion techniques to make our copy and design enticingly effective.

ONVZ campaign
ONVZ campaign
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Phased data collection.

We ask each respondent for their data both at the beginning and at the end of the survey. By splitting data collection into two events, we avoid asking too much at the first step. This prevents users from dropping out prematurely. Using the collected data, we can better segment the users and further personalise the campaign.

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User-focused digital experience.

While developing the VSCAN, we really put ourselves in the shoes of the future user, experiencing the process from their perspective. The result is a smooth completion procedure and a great user experience. Respondents know what they can expect from the VSCAN. They can see their progress through the questionnaire all the time, and have the option to save the scan and finish the questionnaire at a different time. ONVZ can respond to this, by sending an automated reminder to complete the questionnaire.

VSCAN preview
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Added value through data.

Because we prepared the detailed questionnaire based on the needs of the user, we are able to show a customised analysis immediately after completion of the scan by instantly processing the data obtained. As a result, the user experiences the questionnaire as useful and is given valuable input to get started with enhancing their wellbeing. On the other hand, ONVZ gains access to valuable information about the profiles of their target group. A win-win situation!

Experience the VSCAN yourself! View and complete it online to see how your organisation scores on vitality.

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