Each day brings different challenges, projects and customers. Endless variety. Non-stop possibilities. With our personal attention, hands-on involvement and flexibility, we’ll make sure you get to tackle the most appropriate (and fun) challenges during every stage of your career development.

It’s important that you feel comfortable working with us. That you truly come into your own. That you do what you enjoy and what you’re good at. Work that energises you. So that you can pass on that good energy to others.

There’s no such thing as a typical EF employee. Our international team is a balanced mix of different personalities, with varying types of expertise and experience. That's how we complement one another. Strategist, consultant, creative, analyst or techno wiz - wherever your strength lies, we have a spot reserved for you!

Open opportunities.

We look forward to your application!

You make the difference.

We are grounded in the unique strengths of our people. Your contribution is worth its weight in gold! That’s why you’ll receive all the trust and responsibility you deserve. In exchange, we ask you for a healthy dose of independence. What’s more, we’d like to invest in your growth. We have plenty of room for personal ideas and personal development, so a new challenge is always lingering on the horizon. This way you – and all of us – will get the most out of your abilities.

The best balance.

It's important that you feel good about yourself. So besides giving you lots of stimulating challenges, we offer something that’s equally important: a good balance between work and private life. With our flexible working hours, your work schedule integrates seamlessly with your personal life. Or you can comfortably work from home with your company laptop one day a week.

International cooperation.

From regional to international, on location or online. Cooperation happens from all over the world. With different types of customers, projects, colleagues and teams, no two days are the same. Want to work from one of our offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Stockholm, London, Dubai or Cape Town? Bring a laptop, hop on a plane. Our colleagues will welcome you with open arms.

Sociability knows no limits!

Fun with colleagues is not limited to working hours at the office! We regularly do fun things together. Never required, but always super fun. Think: gaming nights, joining a carnival, running a marathon… Or how about an exciting pub quiz or a beer tasting? And nothing beats our annual summer barbecue and Christmas dinner. Same goes for our Friday afternoon drinks!

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