How to convince management to invest in buyer personas.

How to convince management to invest in buyer personas How to convince management to invest in buyer personas

How to convince management to invest in buyer personas.

With 49% of B2B buyers stating they now rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions compared to 2017. Creating relevant, high quality content and delivering it to the right person, at the right time and in the correct way, is more important than ever before.

To create powerful content that will perform, knowing exactly who your audience is and how they behave in their buyer journey is essential. While buyer personas may sound like a no-brainer to you. Obtaining the budget to invest in buyer persona research sometimes takes a bit of work.

Here are some questions that you may encounter while pitching your buyer persona project internally, and how to answer them:

“Why do we need buyer personas?”

Buyer personas play an essential role in bringing the customer’s needs into your content strategy. Making your content marketing highly effective and allowing you to be a step ahead of the competition.

Buyer personas will help you to:

  • Produce engaging content.
  • Create a documented content strategy.
  • Engage buyers over the duration of a complex buying process.
  • Generate more qualified leads.
  • Shorten conversion time, significantly increasing pipeline momentum.
  • Improve sales team alignment, with a common vision of who their target audience is.

“We can create our buyer personas internally why do we need to invest in external research?”

Today you can find a lot of information online, or by speaking to your sales team. Who have frequent contact with your target audience. Although this is an important first step in your buyer persona project, it is unlikely to be complete.

Feedback from sales is often biased as they listen selectively with the product pitch in mind and may not see the full picture. They are likely to miss other, important information that is part of a complete buyer persona and buyer journey. A sales rep also tends to represent a few people in one market or segment. Whereas a buyer persona represents the common behaviours of a group of people.

Nevertheless, you will get some interesting feedback which can help you identify where further research is needed.

“How can we justify investment without proof of ROI?”

“71% of companies who exceed revenue and lead goals have documented personas vs. 37% who simply meet goals and 26% who miss them.”

Investing in buyer persona research may seem like a frivolous expense when the focus is on producing more and higher quality leads. However, think of all the money and effort that is being spent on targeting segments who may not be relevant, with messages that do not trigger their interest.

Buyer personas serve as the basis for your entire content strategy and can produce excellent content that will please your viewers for years to come, serving both marketing and sales. This will have a direct positive impact on all your marketing activities from campaigns, to website traffic and sales cycles. 

Have questions or want to know more? We run complete buyer persona research projects including buyer persona creation, content strategy and campaign flows for companies such as Philips, Samsung and Ricoh and would love you help you. 

Last update on 8 April 2019

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