Engagement Factory supports Action Market launch.

Engagement Factory supports Action Market launch.

Engagement Factory (EF), a global leading customer engagement agency, is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking mobile app – Action Market – developed by Kudos Games with the support of EF.

Action Market is a live trading experience for fans of the world’s top sports events. As the name suggests, the mobile app combines an experience taking passion for sport and matches it to the fast-paced, adrenaline charged world of market finance to create an ultimate gaming experience. Play fast, win big, so you can claim kudos at the top of the leaderboard.

Steven Ellis CIO of Kudos Games commented on the launch: “We are pleased to partner with Engagement Factory to build our app. Not only did EF support us with the design and development of the app, the team worked tirelessly around tight deadlines with complex functionality. Kudos Games is focused on delivering global entertaining social experiences from the Digital Hub of Cape Town, South Africa. We believe that the Action Market platform provides a compelling experience and proposition to gamers and brands for a 2nd-screen experience that we will continue to build upon. An ideal that Engagement Factory supported us realising.”

Engagement Factory is delighted about the launch of such innovative game platform with the start of the Rugby World Cup 2019 (#RWC2019). Take Rugby and mash that up with Action Market concept and you have a formula for an exhilarating and satisfying “game in the game” to play socially with your friends and a new Market Place.

The free app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores.

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