Engagement Factory reports 10 new clients in Q2.

Engagement Factory reports 10 new clients in Q2 Engagement Factory reports 10 new clients in Q2

Engagement Factory reports 10 new clients in Q2.

Leading customer engagement agency says programmatic marketing and talent crunch are key factors in business growth.

Engagement Factory, a global leading customer engagement agency reported that its business surged in Q2, with the firm adding a record 10 new companies to its already impressive client portfolio. The client additions range from diverse global locations and verticals, including entertainment (Dubai), airlines (Norway) and life sciences (Benelux), follows hard on the heels of the company’s refreshed positioning. 

Engagement Factory says that two factors are playing a large role in the agency’s recent growth: Programmatic Marketing and the fact that companies are struggling to find and hire full-time marketing talent. According to Engagement Factory, the definition of programmatic marketing is – as is the traditional sense of the word, not to be confused with programmatic advertising. 

Says Caelers, “Using a Programmatic Marketing approach, you can focus on the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, align data sources and orchestrate your messaging according to the customers need. With this you will need to start connecting the dots in order to see the greater picture that’s called “customer engagement”. The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store and the experience should be seamless.

Probably half the conversations we have with new clients currently are about Programmatic Marketing,” says Jos Caelers, CEO and founder. “We’ve now reached a point of maturity in the market where companies are seeking out partners not to simply implement or manage technology, but to design, execute, and operationalize complete marketing programs from converting unknown to known till sales.”

Caelers also credited the tight labor market as a key variable in the demand for the agency’s services, particularly in areas like marketing automation. “The plain fact is that demand for technical marketers is sky-high,” he commented. “Key positions are proving hard to fill, and so companies are forced to turn to third-party service providers like Engagement Factory to provide either interim help or fill a role for the long-term.”

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