Dynamo – making the impossible, possible!

Dynamo – making the impossible, possible! Dynamo – making the impossible, possible!

Dynamo – making the impossible, possible!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to convert your Eloqua instance into an Omni-Channel engine?

Let us explain. At Engagement Factory we work with many automation platforms, particularly Eloqua. We created Dynamo for Eloqua users because our clients often asked us to create custom applications for enhancing their Eloqua canvas. They wanted to know: How do you connect to Google Ads from Eloqua? Can I run a LinkedIn campaign from Eloqua? What if I could send my customers social messages in addition to their e-mails?

We found that to create a customised solution for each and every client was often costly, took time and money to develop and marketers wanted to reach a point where they could easily have access to this type of functionality using Eloqua.

That’s why we created Dynamo. What is it?

Dynamo is a complete plug-in solution that bridges the gap between Eloqua and external systems. This lets you reach your customers through multiple channels directly off your campaign canvas inside Eloqua. Dynamo sits on top of the Eloqua framework, but expands its capabilities. With Dynamo, you will be able to conduct campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

This means you can focus on creating the ultimate customer journey without having to worry about the cost related to development requirements for your customised solution. Adding Dynamo to your existing stack comes along with many benefits. It allows you to go beyond just your email, it connects to messaging apps, Google ad campaigns, social media and more…. for accurate targeting and personalisation to your audience.

Here are some benefits of Dynamo:

  • Never have to filter data anymore. Just use the data you need – even if in external systems.
  • Query external data systems for decision making, without having to import data into Eloqua itself – no more data pollution!
  • Embed external content such as text, video, and images into your communications through multiple channels.
  • Enrich your customer contact information automatically on multiple platforms.
  • Ensure your customer data is up to date based on their last interaction with Eloqua.

It has never been easier to develop rich, fully functional marketing apps and integrations with Eloqua. Feel free to reach out for a demo and lets us show you how Eloqua and Dynamo can make your marketing dreams come true!

If you need assistance to get started with Dynamo, our experienced developers are on stand-by to support in configuring Dynamo so you are able to create the perfect customer experience!

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