Concepts & creative
Nurture your way to success.
5 February 2021 8 minutes

Nurture your way to success. 2020 has changed many things. This age of uncertainty has challenged the norm of how we work and how companies around the world operate. However, there are a few things that - thankfully - never change. Marketing automation is one of these things and has shown to be an important tool for businesses since its inception. Over the last two decades, marketing automation has earned its irreplaceable side by digital marketers. It is the single best tool that...

5 Demand Generation Trends For More Customers.
25 November 2020 5 minutes

5 Demand Generation Trends For More Customers. Does the term inbound-omnichannel-lead-collaborative-content-strategy scare you? In marketing, there are so many buzzwords, trends, tactics and concepts that it’s easy to get swept away by definitions. Sometimes, these words are even used inter-changeably adding more and more confusion to the concept. Demand generation is one of those terms. There is so much confusion surrounding such a powerful concept that marketers often miss out. ...

Concepts & creative
Always-on campaigns & the art of TLC.
4 November 2020 3 minutes

Always-on campaigns & the art of TLC. Let’s start by correcting a common misnomer. The term ‘always-on’ has been popular in the marketing automation world for a number of years. For many, it means shifting one’s campaign strategy from a one-hit, spray-and-pray approach to a campaign that never ends – one that simply repeats, thereby creating efficiency benefits for the business. That’s a simplified way to consider always-on campaigning, but it fails to consider the effect on...

Content marketing
Content Marketing: A jumpstart to your success.
1 October 2020 8 minutes

Content Marketing: A jumpstart to your success. Today’s consumers have a big appetite for elevated brand experiences, they expect to receive personalised content at the right time through the right channel. It’s up to today’s marketers to push the boundaries of creativity and serve up campaigns that captivate, resonate and serve a purpose. That’s why developing a content marketing strategy is key. It’s the single, best way to gain the attention of your audience and keep it until y...

Meeting with a business planner.
5 ways the best insurance companies are winning more customers.
10 September 2019 6 minutes

5 ways the best insurance companies are winning more customers. The new age customer has technology at their fingertips and the tech savviness to find the best bang for their buck in a competitive landscape of insurance providers. So what are the best insurance companies doing to stay ahead of the game and win? 1. Understanding their customers & building trust It is now more apparent than ever that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to insurance, with many pr...

Change management
May the force of change be with you – leveraging change management to successfully adopt marketing automation.
21 December 2018 3 minutes

May the force of change be with you – leveraging change management to successfully adopt marketing automation. Just over 75% of marketing automation projects don’t achieve the desired business outcome. That’s a pretty damning statistic right? The reason behind it is simple: companies often assume that by integrating an all-singing-all-dancing marketing automation tool that their job is done. However, modern marketing success incorporates more than technology, it requires new...


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