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Always-on campaigns & the art of TLC.
4 November 2020 3 minutes

Always-on campaigns & the art of TLC. Let’s start by correcting a common misnomer. The term ‘always-on’ has been popular in the marketing automation world for a number of years. For many, it means shifting one’s campaign strategy from a one-hit, spray-and-pray approach to a campaign that never ends – one that simply repeats, thereby creating efficiency benefits for the business. That’s a simplified way to consider always-on campaigning, but it fails to consider the effect on...

Concepts & creative
4 Tips for successful email campaigns.
8 October 2020 5 minutes

4 Tips for successful email campaigns. With consistently high Return on Investment (ROI) email simply can’t be ignored. Year on year, email has proven that it’s still a highly effective tool for digital marketers. With anROI of 42:1, email marketing outperforms nearly every other channel. However, email marketing can be difficult to master, and mistakes can have quite dramatic effects. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Our 4 tips for successful email campaigns will help you p...

Concepts & creative
Customer Personas give your marketing the human touch
22 September 2020 5 minutes

Customer Personas give your marketing the human touch. Creating relevant, high quality content is more important than ever. Customers have come to expect brands to automatically know and cater to their specific needs and interests without them having to share any information. In order to create powerful content and be heard and noticed means understanding your target audience perfectly and knowing what they need and how they make decisions about your product. So how can you obtain ...

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How to collaborate in a crisis.
12 May 2020 10 minutes

How to collaborate in a crisis. Let’s kick off with an ancient Chinese proverb... ‘When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills’ In our last article we discussed why marketing innovation is more important than ever during the Covid-19 crisis. Now it’s time for us to turn thoughts into action and learn how to build windmills together! Marketing innovation is a collaborative exercise. To empathise, define a problem and design a solution it’...

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Why marketing innovation is important right now.
8 April 2020 8 minutes

Why marketing innovation is important right now. Innovation is inherent to being human. A lofty statement to start with I know, but sometimes a little perspective is handy! Since humanity first developed brains over brawn and we out-thought our Neanderthal neighbours, we’ve been on an irrevocable path of species-enhancing innovation. Many of mankind’s greatest inventions were born from the fire of adversity, a will to survive and thrive driving progress that separates us from t...

Concepts & creative
5 proven reasons why good design helps drive your business forward.
6 April 2020 5 minutes

5 proven reasons why good design helps drive your business forward. Let's take a look at business's top priorities for 2020 - I dare to state you'd often see variations of "maximize ROI", "increase leads" and "growth of profitability". Well, no need to feel ashamed, undoubtedly there's nothing wrong with that... However, sadly businesses are often so focused on results from their marketing efforts, they lose sight of the bigger picture - the 360º approach to inbound marketing, wher...


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