Data & analysis
Dynamo – making the impossible, possible!
10 March 2020 3 minutes

Dynamo - making the impossible, possible! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to convert your Eloqua instance into an Omni-Channel engine? Let us explain. At Engagement Factory we work with many automation platforms, particularly Eloqua. We created Dynamo for Eloqua users because our clients often asked us to create custom applications for enhancing their Eloqua canvas. They wanted to know: How do you connect to Google Ads from Eloqua? Can I run a LinkedIn campaign from ...

Content marketing
The 3 Fundamentals for Engagement Marketing
26 February 2020 10 minutes

The 3 Fundamentals for Engagement Marketing People today have a commitment problem. You send them roses; if you lucky you get a “thank you” or an acknowledgement of sorts. When you send them special deals via your email campaign, you get… no response. It’s enough to drive the most data driven marketer feeling desperate by all this rejection. Despite the amount of technology we have at our disposal, sometimes your customers and leads just don’t respond well, or stay around to fin...

Content marketing
Marketing Automation in Southern Africa – a software or strategy?
20 February 2020 2 minutes

Marketing Automation in Southern Africa- a software or strategy? It’s 2020, investment in marketing automation technology has nearly doubled since Engagement Factory in Southern Africa opened its doors in 2012. Adoption of automation technology is increasing at an alarming rate. Marketing Automation isn’t a thing of the future – it’s very much a part of the here and now – and we have been supporting our local and global clients approach their marketing plan with a strategic mindse...

Concepts & creative
No one cares about your marketing.
20 January 2020 5 minutes

No one cares about your marketing. It’s 2020, and things are changing.Cars are starting to drive themselves, augmented reality is introducing innovation - as well as Pokemon - into our homes, and Japan has plans to build a robotic moon base by the end of the year. With everything changing so fast, it shouldn’t surprise you that the way we talk about, market and promote our businesses is changing too. Here’s the bitter truth - no one cares about your marketing. The evidence for this...

Showpad chooses Engagement Factory to drive success for mutual customers.
Showpad chooses Engagement Factory to drive success for mutual customers.
10 October 2019 2 minutes

Showpad chooses Engagement Factory to drive success for mutual customers. Showpad today announced that Engagement Factory has been chosen as its sales enablement implementation partner in EMEA, as part of Showpad’s Partner Program. Engagement Factory is dedicated to driving the success of mutual current and prospective customers during the deployment stage and beyond.  “We’re thrilled to be Showpad’s implementation partner in EMEA. The depth of capability and potential that offers ...

Better together: Our partner network.
Better together: Our partner network.
8 October 2019 2 minutes

Better together: Our partner network. With a refreshed proposition, we have made a shift from a sole marketing technology and implementation partner towards a 360 degree customer engagement organisation. To help our customers achieve maximum customer engagement, we have not only expanded our services, but together with our extensive global partner network, our customers can reap the benefits from our engagement ecosystem.  Humanising digital experiences – with strategies that drive...


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