5 proven reasons why good design helps drive your business forward.

5 proven reasons why good design helps drive your business forward.

Let’s take a look at business’s top priorities for 2020 – I dare to state you’d often see variations of “maximize ROI”, “increase leads” and “growth of profitability”. Well, no need to feel ashamed, undoubtedly there’s nothing wrong with that…

However, sadly businesses are often so focused on results from their marketing efforts, they lose sight of the bigger picture – the 360º approach to inbound marketing, where good design, part of a well thought-through and booming creative strategy- is a big slice of the pie.

And let’s start with saying design, although valued by designers, is not just about making things “look pretty”. Good design is more than just aesthetics, it’s about how something looks, feels and works or, in other words, it’s about providing the best customer experiences. That’s the actual ‘art’ behind design.

So, let’s do a test… Can you answer the 5 questions below?

  • Does your brand make a strong first impression?
  • Is your branding consistent?
  • Is your brand offering the best customer experiences?
  • How do you communicate complex messages?
  • Can you financially benefit from investing in design?

Now verify your 5 answers with our explanations and proven reasons below to learn how good design can drive your business forward.

1. A strong first impression can work wonders.

We all have too little time and want to make the most of what free time is available. Combine that with the “Goldfish vs. Human” attention span debate, you realize that it’s just a matter of seconds before customers make up their mind – which is crucial in the deciding factor on whether or not they want to interact with you. To add some marketing fluff – studies found out that a mere 50 milliseconds were needed to form an opinion about a website.

So how do you convince your customers that they should engage with you? Well, make your brand memorable. Figure out what key things you want to communicate to your consumer when they first lay eyes on your business’ product, website, brand etc. and creatively execute what works to reflect this. Good design starts with a strong brand and it’s what makes you as a business stand out between the hefty amount of competition.

2. Get consistent.

Consistency is one of the key molecules to a successful brand, and therefore, a successful business. Consistent design is intuitive design. It is highly useful as we humans like consistency by default. We need to feel that things are consistent to feel secure, safe and to make things identifiable.

One of the key benefits of consistency is that customers will learn faster how to use your design. Envision your design as the letters of the alphabet. Once the alphabet has been learned, the customer can go anywhere within your product and is still able to communicate with the interface without friction.

Consistency also eliminates confusion. As Master Yoda once said, confusion is the path to the dark side. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Ok, I twisted his words just a bit – but I’ve made my point.

And last but not least, consistency saves time and money. Designs are built like LEGO blocks, modular, by predefined components. Designers, developers and other stakeholders spend less time in meetings and more time creating. The saved time can be used on building the product that was envisioned.

3. Offer the best customer experiences.

Good design is not only a reason why your customers become customers – it’s also why they stay and want to come back at a later stage. So, offer your customers enjoyable experiences and keep your products, websites, etc. easy-to-use.

It’s proven well-designed websites help convert visitors into customers, as they’re friendlier to navigate and bounce rates are much lower. Poorly designed websites on the other hand have much higher bounce rates as it either takes too long to find the information visitors seek, or they just can’t find what they’re looking for.

Keep the following in mind: after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again.

So good design doesn’t just entail making it “look pretty”. In fact, a good designer will consider how it looks as secondary to how it works and the experience it offers.

4. Make something complex straightforward.

Businesses that revolve around concepts and data or deal with complex to explain services and products, may find it tricky to spell out what they mean or do. Working a little bit of design magic into your business can help you visualize your information and ideas in a logical and visual way – and save you a lot of rambling.

According to studies, people are majoritarily visual learners. Visualizing concepts, data, products, services, etc. helps your customers understand and grasp concepts far better. And not only are these visual aids, like infographics and explainer videos, extremely handy for explaining yourself, they can also look hefty professional when designed correctly.

Consider it as a professional looking time-saver, which sets you apart from the crowd (or follows the crowd when needed). Plus, you’ll never have to say “it’s hard to explain” in a meeting every again.

5. The statistics are in – good design makes money.

In the end, good design increases your company’s value, boosts sales and may put your business in a better financial situation.

By creating a rock solid first impression, communicating consistently, building trust and reliability, showcasing your professionalism, investing in customer relationships, creating the best customer experiences, all the way to executing jaw-dropping campaigns and giving perfect aftercare – good design helps make your business more profitable. We can even go as far as saying design invested companies outperform competitors who lack good design principles by two-to-one in growth.

In fact – in Adobe’s ‘State of Create 2016’ report – 46% of people mentioned, “I will not purchase from a brand if its website or mobile experience is poorly designed”, and 50% admitted to judging businesses based on their marketing materials design quality.

So, investing in design is a bit like investing in future profits, it may cost a bit now, but a little down the track you’ll likely be glad you did so.

Design-focused is a good business decision. Let it be known!

In case you’ve been second-guessing whether design will bring value for your business – don’t.

Investing in design allows you to get a competitive edge, helps driving powerful marketing results and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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