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Engagement Factory.

We’d love to help you become great at being a customer-centric organisation. How? By roping in our international team of enthusiastic marketing specialists, we’ll work with you to create the very best customer experience, every step of the journey. Our ultimate goal is simple: we want super satisfied clients, with equally satisfied customers.

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Many agencies are great at doing one thing well. One agency might create the hottest campaigns out there, while the other excels at handling complex internal matters. Here’s our take: we believe you need bucketsful of both capabilities. You need to engage your external and internal audiences equally awesomely. What’s more, the two skillsets must perform perfectly in sync. This is why Engagement Factory offers such a comprehensive package of services – to support clients both out there in the field, and internally at the operational coalface. Let’s look at what your organisation needs to achieve the optimum customer experience – inside as well as out.


What’s really vital are those essential, non-tech, human qualities. The right mindset, for instance. Having knowledge and skills in place. Establishing good mutual working relationships. And agreeing on the methods and activities you will use to achieve your digital transformation. We can help you make such a (digital) transition a reality, through a smooth and flexible makeover that shapes itself around your needs.

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With the right technology working for you, marketing and sales become a breeze. Putting our techno solutions to work, you can treat your customers to the best possible customer experience, because its custom made for them. Suddenly, your complex, time-consuming marketing efforts become a lot easier and quicker to execute. And by automating your organisation and its communication, you’ll save time and money that you can invest in other areas of the business. Now that’s what we call smart ROI!

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To thrive, your business must keep moving. You need to stay ahead of your competition, and in touch with your market. You have to be right where your customers and their needs are. A long-term vision for achieving your goals is indispensable. Because to keep up with ever-changing expectations and developments before your competition does, you have to plan ahead. We’ll help you do precisely that, with a well-defined customer engagement strategy.

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Concepts & Creative.

To sway your audience your way, you need a good story. A healthy dose of creativity. A strong idea that fits seamlessly into the customer journey. Our creative team will build a bridge between your strategy and its successful implementation. We’ll translate who you are and what you’d like to tell your audience into striking, unique creative communications that make for optimal customer experience and result in loyalty!

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Content Marketing.

Instead of focusing on what you want to tell and sell, rather look at what your target audience wants to learn from you. Find out what you can about their needs and uncertainties. Then meet those needs and quell the uncertainties by offering spot-on content that will benefit your (potential) users the moment they need it. This is what great content marketing is all about.

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Data & analytics.

Everywhere your customers go, they leave tracks. Data tracks. Think online searches. Or a download from your website. Every time they visit your site or go on an e-shopping spree at your store, they leave a trail. The datasets they leave behind are essential clues to understanding the entire customer journey. By collecting and mining the data, you can gain valuable insight into your customers’ online behaviour and real-life needs.

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Is your business not quite optimised around customer experience (yet)? Then achieving your marketing and sales goals is probably a bit of a challenge. Fear not: we’re raring to rescue you! We’ll equip you with the pertinent practical knowledge, skills and resources to transform the way your customers engage with every aspect of your business.

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From robust demand generation to rock-solid loyalty - whatever your goal, we’ll get you there! Our team of passionate marketers, concept developers, strategists, designers and copywriters will be delighted to set you up with a well-thought-out marketing campaign – a campaign that not only looks great, but performs spectacularly, hauling in those conversions day after day.

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Our work.

We are true customer engagement geeks with a crazy
passion for customer experience!

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