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We are Engagement Factory.

We’d love to help you become great at being a customer-centric organisation. How? By roping in our international team of enthusiastic marketing specialists, we’ll work with you to create the very best customer experience, every step of the journey. Our ultimate goal is simple: we want super satisfied clients, with equally satisfied customers.

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The ultimate content marketing case.
Digitisation and personalisation - the power of data.
Norges Automobil-Forbund
Norges Automobil-Forbund
Working more efficiently, more effectively through automation and integration.

All under one roof.

We’ll do so much more than help you develop and implement successful marketing campaigns; we’ll get you geared up both internally and externally to achieve the ultimate customer experience.


Is your business not quite optimised around customer experience (yet)? Then achieving your marketing and sales goals is probably a bit of a challenge. Fear not: we’re raring to rescue you! We’ll equip you with the pertinent practical knowledge, skills and resources to transform the way your customers engage with every aspect of your business.

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From robust demand generation to rock-solid loyalty - whatever your goal, we’ll get you there! Our team of passionate marketers, concept developers, strategists, designers and copywriters will be delighted to set you up with a well-thought-out marketing campaign – a campaign that not only looks great, but performs spectacularly, hauling in those conversions day after day.

We support you with:

Our team revolutionises customer experience, from Sweden to South Africa and everywhere in between.

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