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The campaign and program canvasses include a wide variety of elements that you can use to create rich, multi-step campaigns or manipulate data to meet your marketing goals. However these normal steps don’t allow you to extend across multiple external systems by pulling in or pushing out data.

Since Dynamo is built on top of the Eloqua AppCloud Framework most of the heavy lifting is done by the platform itself. Secure and encrypted transfers of contact or CDO data between Eloqua and your external system is covered. So you don’t have to worry about all the other development requirements normally involved when creating CloudApp solutions.

After Dynamo has been enabled on your Oracle Eloqua platform you get access to 4 types of canvas elements: Action / Decision / Feeder / Content.

  • Action.
    With actions you can manipulate data and push it to external sources1. And if you create the action and save it as a template2 you only have to create it once.

  • Decision.
    Decisions allow you to query on both internal and external data and receive the outcome as a logic condition that is either ‘Yes’ or ’No’.

  • Feeder.
    Retrieve data from an external source and bring it into Eloqua. The feeder element allows you to fetch data using an appropriate API call and process the data3.

  • Content.
    Fetch and display customised external content based on the Eloqua Contact or CDO Record at the time of sending for enhanced personalised emails.

1 Dynamo elements can be programmatically updated and interfaced with other sources. This requires using a code editor with NodeJS. The tool has several built-in features to make development easy, no matter if you have coding experience or not.

2 Templates allow you to easily re-use actions within other campaign or program canvasses.

3 Processing of data includes: mapping field data to a contact or CDO record and validating.
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