Marketing and sales
Resolving the classic battle between Sales & Marketing.
30 March 2016 3 minutes

Resolving the classic battle between Sales & Marketing. As a customer engagement agency, everyday we encounter companies making their first steps into the world of customer experience. We mainly support specialists, from Marketing and IT departments, who are looking for a solution that generates high quality leads from their successful marketing activities.  It was often revealed that Sales would frequently complain about Marketing only delivering cold leads, due to a lack...

Lead scoring
Lead scoring isn’t magic, it’s real and it works.
9 March 2016 4 minutes

Lead scoring isn’t magic, it’s real and it works. As we sat at a project closure meeting last week. I was delighted to hear the words “It works!” in reference to the lead scoring and lead management process that we helped put in place at a customer. Even more interesting was that the smiley face came from a pre-sales person, tasked with the first qualification of leads coming out of their marketing automation system. His enthusiasm came mainly from having seen how a lead that oth...

Demand and Lead generation
Demand & lead generation.
11 December 2014 3 minutes

Demand & lead generation. It is vital to understand the difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation. WHY? Demand Generation is often interchanged with the concept of lead generation; however, there is a huge difference between these two very important concepts, namely the outcome. Thinking they are the same beast and having only a single marketing strategy can lead to failure! They are unique and therefore require separate approaches. Two sides of the same coin...


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