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‘The five-question challenge’ is an initiative that we created to start interesting conversations with our network. We decided that we want to engage with you, not just as an agency, but also through personal conversations!

By conducting short talks with inspiring marketing experts around the globe, we want to find out how people in various industries and positions have adopted to the ‘new normal’. What opportunities are there? What are the main challenges? And what changes did they have to make?

The concept implies 5 questions about marketing and digitisation. At the end, a call to forward the challenge to another expert in their network. We want to harness the commitment and rapid digitisation that is taking place in the wake of covid19, while maintaining the concept when the “lockdown” is over.

It’s still a good idea to use video and social networks to have conversations and inspire each other, Corona-times or not.

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The sessions.

Learn how to further enable revenue growth.
Robyn Belak from Stora Enso.

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper globally. Check out Robyns' perfect answer to the question: "Are you a digital marketing newbie or a superstar".

Robyn Belak. Stora Enso.
Måns Palmqvist from Bonnier News.

Måns is a digital business developer at Bonnier News, the largest business news subscription service in the Nordics. Find out why Måns Palmqvist loves to stay in touch with a certain subject.

Måns Palmqvist. Bonnier News.
Kjetil Eik Lövlie from Norwegian Air.

Kjetil is the Head of Marketing and Personalisation at Norwegian. An international airline trying to make travel easy and affordable for people cross 18 markets. Find out why Kjetil Lövlie was so impressed with Gjensidige attitude changing campaign against texting and driving.

Kjetil Eik Lövlie. Norwegian Air.
Brenda van Leeuwen from Sunweb.

Brenda van Leeuwen is Chief Digital Officer at Sunweb. Sunweb is a leading travel group providing summer package holidays, winter sports deals, hotels and all inclusive holidays. Find out how Sunweb was able to quickly adapt to the new normal.

Brenda van Leeuwen. Sunweb.
Simon Strindberg from Budbee.

Simon Strindberg, Chief communications officer at Budbee, a delivery service for e-commerce in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Find out why Simon Strindberg at Budbee made a strategic decision not to wake peoples kids up.

Simon Strindberg. Budbee.
Yasmin Tilles from Unikum.

Yasmin is CMO at Unikum, a Swedish based company providing learning portals for kids, teachers and parents. Find out what Yasmin is most proud of during the Corona situation.

Yasmin Tilles. Unikum.
Mark Appel from

Mark is the CMO of provides connection via messaging channels, a customer data platform, voice solutions and innovative payment methods. Find out how Mark Appel creates a scalable marketing organization to support’s ambitious growth.

Mark Appel.
Timmy Lundin, Partner and CMO at Sysarb.

A Swedish based HR and Tech company, working globally to help their clients set the right salary for their employees. Find out why Timmy feels he has a personal relationship with Spotify, even though he never actually met or spoke to anyone from the company.

Timmy Lundin. Sysarb.
Jos Caelers from Engagement Factory.

Jos is the CEO and founder of Engagement Factory. Based out of our Eindhoven office, he works with many of our global customers. Find out why Jos compares himself to Leonardo da Vinci.

Jos Caelers Engagement Factory
Henrik Engstam from Brightmill.

Henrik is the Founder and Managing director of Brightmill in Sweden. Brightmill is one of Sweden’s leading interim agencies. Find out why Henrik Engstam is so impressed with Klarnas mobile payment solution.

Henrik Engstam Brightmill
Michael Aho from Bonnier News.

Michael is responsible for Bonniers strategy on data-use and technology. Bonnier News is the largest business news subscription service in the Nordics. Find out what impresses Michael Aho the most on Instagram.

Michael Aho Bonnier
Lisa Kruse from Holy comms.

Lisa Kruse, founder and creative director at Holy comms, a marketing as a service agency in the Nordic region. Find out why Lisa considers it impossible to be a digital superstar in these days!

Lisa Kruse Holy comms
Andreas Södermark from Euvic Sweden.

Andreas Södermark, managing director of Euvic Sweden, a fast growing IT consultancy company in Sweden. Find out why great online marketing made Andreas Södermark buy 10kg of organic oranges online.

Andreas Södermark Euvic Sweden
Stephanie Ferrero from OBOS.

Stephanie Ferrero, Marketing and CRM consultant at OBOS. A Norwegian housing association group, owned by the members. Find out why OBOS’ app “the neighbor help” got so popular during corona time.

Stephanie Ferrero OBOS